Kids Focus

Brain-based Movements to help kids focus, feel calm, and self-regulate in the classroom or at home

     Good-bye ADHD!

"Kids Focus changed my child's life. He has developed confidence, focus, and great grades! Thank you so much, Ms. Lee"  parent of 9-year old, ABQ, NM

Kids Focus Tutoring+

Now available in Albuquerque, NM only

Private Sessions

with Marcia Lee Unnever, Educational Trainer,

Reading Specialist, ADD/ADHD Consultant

Kids Focus Tutoring+ private sessions are individualized, one-on-one sessions for child and parent to help improve learning, memory, and behavior naturally through the use of brain-based movements,

improved diet, better sleep, and reduced screen time.

Ages: preschool - high school
Behavior Management

Focus and Concentration

Academic Success

Skills: Test Taking, English, Reading, Study Skills

Calmness and Self-Regulation

Good-bye ADD/ADHD-type behavior

Questions about ADD/ADHD Behavior?

Ask Marcia about the current research on ADD/ADHD that shows that children are being labeled and medicated unnecessarily.

Kids Focus is one of the best ways to support children's positive behavior and mental and emotional growth NATURALLY,

without the use of medication!

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