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Brain-based Movements to help kids focus, feel calm, and self-regulate in the classroom or at home

     Good-bye ADHD!

Call for information on Kids Focus, workshops, classroom challenges, questions on children's brain and behavioral development, and non-medication techniques

for handling ADD/ADHD behavior.


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Marcia Lee Unnever, Founder of Kids Focus

Marcia Lee Unnever, B.A. Ed., founder of Kids Focus and Solutions Without Drugs, is a certified Educational Trainer, Reading Specialist, ADD/ADHD Consultant, writer, editor, and in-demand public speaker. Marcia is registered on the NM Trainer Registry with competency in Child Growth, Development, and Learning. As an ADD/ADHD Consultant, parents consult Marcia to learn about drug-free solutions for ADD/ADHD behavior.

Using over thirty years experience in teaching, movement, and in-depth research of children's brain and behavioral development, Marcia created Kids Focus to help children focus, feel balanced, and learn to self-regulate using simple movements, without the use of medication.

Marcia has been a featured presenter at NMAEYC conferences in New Mexico, nationwide ISEPP conferences, and the Nurtured Heart Approach Global Summit.She has been honored for her contributions to teacher training, curriculum design and development, child development, early childhood, elementary and secondary education programs, staff development, special education, educational leadership, classroom management,

RTI, instructional design, ELL/ESL, educational technology, and differentiated instruction.

Kids Focus and Marcia Lee Unnever have received rave reviews from teachers, social workers, counselors, parents, psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals nationwide. Elementary schools, preschools, and mental health centers in New Mexico, Colorado, and California use Kids Focus daily to help children develop, mature, and succeed in school.

Loving mom and grandma, Marcia has dedicated her life to helping children, families, and educators discover healthy, natural solutions for children's daily challenges.

Tifani Vincent, Kids Focus Trainer


                                   Tifani Vincent, B.A. Psych and B.A.
                                   Family Studies, is a Kids Focus Trainer
                                   who is passionate about children and
                                   has worked with several NM   
                                   organizations serving children and
                                   families, including Parents Reaching Out,
                                   Children's Treatment Center, Early
                                   Childhood Education Program, UNM
                                   Children's Campus, and Powerful Parents.

Loving mom of a young daughter, Tifani knows firsthand that movement is one of the most effective tools for helping children develop and succeed in school. She is dedicated to bringing parents and teachers the tools they need that can change the nature of our schools and the future for our children.