Kids Focus



Practicing Kids Focus on the Field - the Entire School

Ages K - 8th grade

"My students give 2000% when we

do Kids Focus movements

throughout the school day."

" Awesome. The brain needs exercise!"

"We use the movements every day.

The teachers and students love them!"

Balancing Through Movement

Kids Focus uses specially-designed movements to help young learners balance their brains, bodies, and emotions quickly and naturally. A simple Kids Focus movement any time of day can help a child focus, feel calm, concentrate, and learn to self-regulate - in minutes!

In the classroom, doing a Kids Focus movement before any learning activity helps switch on the brain so that children can learn and remember more effectively. ADD/ADHD-type behavior seems to disappear. And there are no drug side-effects!

When a child becomes stressed, the brain seems to lose its balance, causing difficult behavior and emotions and sending out a signal or call for help. Given a healthy opportunity through movement, the child will naturally strive to rebalance and achieve positive growth.

Kids Focus Balanced Brain Benefits
for Children
Improvements in:

- Learning

- Comprehension

- Processing Skills

- Problem Solving

- Attention

- Memory

- Calmness

- Relaxed Emotions

- Motor Skills

- Feeling Confident

- Compassion and Caring

- Imagination

- Coordination

- Motivation

- Academic Success

- Test Scores

Disclaimer: Kids Focus does not constitute a formal professional neurological or physical diagnosis or therapy, and is not being offered to replace medical advice, therapy or treatment by a physician. Kids Focus movements and information are simply a guide to help you motivate and assist children with focus and self-regulation. The proper use and safety of Kids Focus is the sole responsibility of the user. Kids Focus is proprietary, and may not be disseminated, in any way, without the express written permission of Marcia Lee


Brain-based Movements to help kids focus, feel calm, and self-regulate in the classroom or at home

     Good-bye ADHD!