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Balancing Through Movement

Kids Focus 1


for Teachers, Parents, Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers March 11, 2017  9 am - 4 pm

Kids Focus 2

for Teachers, Parents, Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers
April 22, 2017  9 am - 4 pm

Helen Cordero Primary School 2012 Study

 Improvements in

21 Classrooms

Focus/Concentration +86%

Calmness +100%

Self-Regulation +71%

Following Directions +90%

Attention +95%

Positive Attitude +86

Effect on Learning +81%

Effect on Testing +100%

Simple Movements to help children focus, concentrate, and self-regulate at home
or in the classroom

     Good-bye ADHD!

backed by neuroscience

Watch TEDxABQ Speaker Marcia Lee

A Sharper Brain in Two  Minutes - Move Then Learn!  

Research shows that movement helps switch on the brain and supports focus and self-regulation in children. Children respond naturally with improved learning, memory, and behavior.

Kids Focus in schools

Simple movements help young learners balance their brains and bodies in  minutes throughout the day and  before learning. Repetition means success! Drug-free solution for ADHD behavior!

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Welcome to Kids Focus

Brain-Body-Balancing for Young Learners

Kids Focus offers specially designed movements that help kids -

(ages 3 - teens) focus, feel calmer, and self-regulate in minutes

in the classroom or at home! The movements are safe, easy, and they really work! DRUG-FREE! Good-bye ADD/ADHD - naturally!

Research-based, Kids Focus supports all school-wide programs for academic success, behavior management, and childhood development.